Meet Our Writers

George Dixon

George has been involved with domestic appliance repairs and maintenance for the past 15 years and has built up considerable knowledge of the industry.

Although his passion centres on technology and new designs released by manufacturers, he reports on all areas of the domestic appliance and gas sectors for 0800 REPAIR.


Tom Williams

As a former journalist Tom has experience of writing for a wide range of publications, from local papers to online news websites.

One of Tom's tasks at 0800 REPAIR is to regularly update the website with breaking news stories relating to appliance safety and announcements from industry bodies such as The National Landlords' Association and the Gas Safety Register. Tom is also in charge of editing copy for 0800 REPAIR's site.


Jeff Stevens

Thanks to his years of experience working as a repairs specialist, Jeff has considerable knowledge of the domestic appliance industry and this has proved invaluable when it comes to producing relevant articles.

Jeff's particular passion is the environment and he regularly publishes articles on the latest eco-friendly appliances and advances in green technology.


Kevin Jackson

Kevin is the latest addition to the 0800 REPAIR team but his experience of writing for online publications has ensured that he has quickly become a highly valued member of the squad.

He currently writes articles relating to all areas of the domestic appliance sector, but has a particular passion for design, innovation and new product releases.

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