Illegal fridge dumping creates town eyesore

Post by Jeff Stevens on 28th January 2014 in General industry, Refrigeration

Illegal fridge dumping creates town eyesore

A pile of dumped domestic fridges has appeared at the side of a road close to an historic Lincolnshire town, prompting a resident to complain to his local newspaper.

The domestic appliances have appeared close to an entrance to a disused quarry near the town of Stamford – and ironically, within sight of a sign erected by the local council warning that anyone caught fly-tipping in the area faces a £2,000 fine.

The illegal dump is also on the route which most of the town's residents would take to their nearest licensed site for disposing of domestic appliances, in the nearby town of Bourne.

"Many kids play there and people take dogs for walks, so to see all this rubbish here is a real shame and disappointment," said Greg Moore, the man who reported the dump to the Rutland & Stamford Mercury.

"To get them there in the first place they would have had to load them into a car, van or trailer anyway, so why not just go to the council tip?," added Mr Moore.

The illegal dumping has been reported to the local authority, Rutland County Council, which told the newspaper it would remove the appliances as soon as possible.

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