Video of dog stealing food from oven goes viral

Post by Kevin Jackson on 20th January 2014 in Appliance safety, General industry

Video of dog stealing food from oven goes viral

A video of an American dog who managed to steal food from its owner's closed mini-oven is going viral on the internet.

The footage shows the year-old beagle, called Lucy, firstly sizing up her quarry by circling a table in the kitchen. She next pushes a chair from a table to a worktop, so that she can use it to gain access to the work surface, on which the appliance is placed.

It is currently being featured on the website of national newspaper USA Today. The dog is seen climbing onto the chair, walking across the work surface, and then using its paw to lower the door of the microwave.

The inventive pooch then steals the food – said to be a tray of chicken nuggets - directly from inside the kitchen appliance – and only gives up when she knocks the tray onto the kitchen floor, making a loud noise.

Roz Zurko, one of the first people to see the video, and re-post it on news and information-sharing website, wrote: "Even if the nuggets were meant for the dog, Lucy did a lot of work to get those breaded morsels and goes down as one of the most resourceful dogs on YouTube today!".

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