Woman survives sandwich shop blaze caused by Beko freezer

Post by George Dixon on 23rd December 2013 in Appliance safety

Woman survives sandwich shop blaze caused by Beko freezer
Kirstin Ellis was cooking bacon in her sandwich shop when she noticed black smoke coming from the back of her Beko freezer, she left the shop immediately but out of instinct she ran back in for her bag and phone. Ms Ellis soon realised that she had made a mistake as the electrics went and the shop was in pitch black, she managed to climb over a table through the thick smoke to get out. 
Workers in offices that surround the sandwich shop were trying to fight the blaze with fire extinguishers before the firefighters arrived.
Ms Ellis, 41 said: "The fire brigade was there quite quickly, but when you're watching something that you've just built up burning to the ground, it seems like a lifetime.
"A firefighter said I could have been buried next to it. The next day, you think of the what-ifs."
Ms Ellis sandwich shop had only been open since April before the blaze and despite the fact that it was severely damaged by the blaze, Ms Ellis aims to get her business back on track before the workers come back to work after the Christmas break. 
She said: “If we're not there when the office workers come back, they're going to go elsewhere."
The blaze is the second fire caused by a Beko appliance in a week. A family previously lost their kitchen due to a fault with their Beko fridge/freezer. Residents are advised to check the model of their fridge/freezer and contact Beko immediately if they have one of the models listed for recall. 

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