Washing machine-proof banknotes on way to UK in 2016

Post by George Dixon on 19th December 2013 in Technology, Laundry, General industry

Washing machine-proof banknotes on way to UK in 2016

Great news for anyone who has ever lost a banknote after accidentally leaving it in a garment before putting it in a washing machine – the Bank of England yesterday announced it is to start producing plastic notes from 2016.

While this may be one of the most widely-appreciated benefits, the bank's governor, Mark Carney, said other major reasons for their introduction were that the new notes would be harder to forge, and would be likely to last longer.

The Bank of England carried out surveys at a number of shopping centres around the UK to test the public's reaction to the new notes, and found that 87 per cent of people liked the idea.

Similar notes have been in use in Mr Carney's native Canada since 2011, and in Australia for much longer, having been first introduced in 1992.

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