Police quiz then release man found 'laundering' money

Post by George Dixon on 17th December 2013 in General industry, Laundry

Police quiz then release man found 'laundering' money

Irish police have questioned a man who was arrested while trying to dry a stash of up to €1.25million in cash in a tumble dryer.

He had apparently been trying to salvage the euro notes after digging them up from a field in County Limerick.

According to the Irish Independent, the cash had been wrapped in plastic bags then put into boxes before being buried. The 53-year-old was caught at the weekend after retrieving the cash from a hole more than six feet deep.

He had taken some of the cash to a nearby container, where a tumble dryer had been plugged in, and was being used to dry the notes, and the man was counting them when he was intercepted.

The newspaper's report said that it had taken officers three days to count all the money, and they had peeled many of the notes from each other one by one in order to dry them out naturally.

Police identified the man as a former convicted drug dealer, and he was released last night without charge.

Officers are currently trying to ascertain how long the cash had been buried, and where it had come from.

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