Dog-operated machine helps blind with their laundry

Post by Kevin Jackson on 22nd November 2013 in Technology, Laundry, General industry

Dog-operated machine helps blind with their laundry

A specially-adapted washing machine is proving a big help to blind people in Sheffield, after it was adapted so that it could be operated by an assistance dog's bark.

Naturally christened the 'Woof to Wash', the domestic appliance has been fitted with a number of modifications, including a large pad which the pet presses with its paw to open the machine door, and a voice-activated control which means a washing cycle can be started by a dog's 'woof'.

A rope attached to the handle of the machine's door lets them open it, and they can then close it with their noses, according to a report from Calendar, the regional ITV news programme.

This adds an extra string to the already-clever dogs' bow, the report said, as they have also been trained to strip beds, fill laundry baskets and load and empty the washing machines.

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