New energy supplier defends workings of market

Post by George Dixon on 21st November 2013 in Energy saving, General industry

New energy supplier defends workings of market

Telecom Plus, which yesterday struck a deal with npower to buy a large number of its customer accounts, has claimed that its rivals in the market are being made "scapegoats".

The company, which owns what had been Britain's biggest independent utilities supplier, Utility Warehouse, has bought the accounts of its 770,000 customers from npower, and so will now become their direct energy provider.

But as many customers are on fixed tariffs arranged before the deal, they should not see any change in their bills for the duration of those contracts.

 However, its chief executive, Andrew Lindsey, said: “They [the 'big six' energy suppliers] all move [prices] broadly in time with one another because they are all facing broadly the same costs – the same regulatory burden and wholesale markets from which to buy.” 

And he called politicians "totally disingenuous" for attacking the power suppliers in the wake of their decisions last month to impose another round of hefty price rises on their customers.

But he said that the major energy suppliers "could be more efficient than they are and could deliver better customer service,” and that was where he claimed his business could compete with them.

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