Thousands still powerless in wake of storms

Post by Tom Williams on 29th October 2013 in General industry

Thousands still powerless in wake of storms

As many as 61,000 homes were still without power this morning, as clearing up continued following yesterday's storms.

Several instances were reported of power lines being brought down by a combination of high winds and fallen trees.

Tony Glover, of the Energy Networks Association, told the Guardian this morning that, at the height of the storms, 600,000 people had been without electricity, and engineers from his member companies had restored supplies to 100,000 homes through Monday night.

Meanwhile, insurance companies are today beginning to assess the damage, which was worst in parts of East Anglia and southern England.

With the winds having subsided, the next danger is likely to be of flooding, and local councils across the UK are standing by, as forecasters predict blustery showers through the rest of the week – with heavy rain being predicted for Friday.

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