Campaigners press PM for action over cold homes

Post by Jeff Stevens on 25th October 2013 in Energy saving, General industry

Campaigners press PM for action over cold homes

The number of cold homes in the UK amounts to a "national crisis", according to a fuel poverty campaign group, which has urged Prime Minister David Cameron to lead cross-party efforts to address the problem.

The call coincided with the launch of an awareness campaign by public health professionals urging people to keep their homes warm this winter.

It suggested living rooms should be kept heated to 21C (70F), and other parts of a home kept at 18C (64F).

A further campaign group, which includes Age UK and Barnardos, charities which do extensive work with the elderly, said there was a national problem of "leaky homes", and that levels of home insulation were well below those in many similar European countries, such as Germany, the Netherlands and Sweden.

Politicians "fall woefully short of a true solution to the energy bill crisis", despite recent attempts to grab headlines by promising to take action on the issue, Ed Matthew, campaign director for action group Energy Bill Revolution told the BBC.

"If the government is serious about solving this crisis they must make insulating homes the UK's number one infrastructure priority," he said.

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