Housework doesn't count as exercise say Irish researchers

Post by George Dixon on 18th October 2013 in Laundry, General industry

Housework doesn't count as exercise say Irish researchers

You might think that vacuuming around the house and doing the laundry are helping you to get a good workout – but the findings of a new Irish study suggest differently.

Researchers from the University of Ulster looked into the findings from a survey into the amount of sport and physical activity undertaken by residents of Northern Ireland.

It found that two-thirds of those who responded counted at least 10 minutes spent doing housework as part of their weekly figure.

Experts suggest that people need at least two and a half hours of strenuous physical activity a week to help keep them in shape – but the Irish academics found that those who claimed to do the most housework were often the least fit.

Head researcher Professor Marie Murphy said: "We found that housework was inversely related to leanness, which suggests that either people are over-estimating the amount of moderate intensity physical activity they do through housework, or are eating too much to compensate for the amount of activity undertaken."

When the amount of housework people claimed to have done was extracted from the figures, it was found that just one in five women were partaking in the recommended minimum level of physical activity.

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