Brits value a clean house above a holiday

Post by Kevin Jackson on 30th September 2013 in General industry

Brits value a clean house above a holiday

The finding is one of the stand-out conclusions of a poll of 3,500 people carried out for domestic appliance manufacturer Beko.

It also showed that many domestic chores are still considered a woman's work, with many women believing that their partner does five hours or less of housework every week.

However, those who responded to the appliance manufacturer's household helpers census claimed to spend an average of 15 hours per week carrying out their domestic chores – although this varies from 11 hours for men, and 17 for women.

Nearly half (46 per cent) of respondents claimed that having an untidy house annoyed them, a greater proportion than claimed to be angered by traffic jams, telephone hold music, and parking wardens.

"The census shows there's a discrepancy between the sexes when it comes to division of housework, so appliances that save time can help families enjoy more quality time with each other," said George Mead, marketing manager for Beko.

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