83-year-old fridge wins appliance contest

Post by George Dixon on 27th September 2013 in Refrigeration

83-year-old fridge wins appliance contest

A fridge which rolled off the production line and began chilling products in the 1930s has finally retired after winning an 'oldest appliance' competition.

Owner Eleanore Naffziger was handed the first prize of $1,250 as part of the contest run by American Electric Power (AEP). Her fridge began its working life more than 80 years ago but was still in a functioning condition when recycling specialists turned up last week to take it away.

According to a report by The Columbus Dispatch, Eleanore knew the appliance was heavy as she'd attempted to move it when cleaning, but she wasn't aware it weighed in at more than 220kg.

She told the newspaper: "We moved into this house in 1972 and it was in the basement of the house. It was the only thing in the house, and we just left it there.

"I used to try to move it to clean behind it, and it was too heavy."

But despite the age of the appliance, Eleanore had to settle for a tied first place as another fridge was found in the Cleaveland area to be just as old.

The aim of the contest was to encourage more householders to recycle their old appliances which can often be highly inefficient and a major drain on power, leading to higher electricity bills for owners.

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