Men don't think they should clean the fridge

Post by Kevin Jackson on 24th September 2013 in Refrigeration

Men don't think they should clean the fridge

A new study has revealed that many British women don't believe it's a man's job to clean out the fridge and keep the appliance tidy.

That was one finding in a study commissioned by domestic appliance manufacturer Beko, which polled Britons on their attitudes towards housework, domestic appliances and the division of labour when it comes to chores around the house.

The survey revealed that 40 per cent of women who took part said they thought the job of cleaning the family fridge should be left to them, rather than a man.

Overall, women were found to do considerably more jobs around the house than men, spending an average of six hours more per week on household chores than their male counterparts.

But all that work is not done in vain, with 36 per cent of respondents saying a tidy house is their greatest pleasure. Just over a third of people (34 per cent) said going on holiday was their favourite thing.

Beko's George Mead said: "The survey certainly shows there's a discrepancy between the sexes when it comes to division of housework so appliances that save time can help families enjoy more quality time together."

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