Cook dinner with your dishwasher and save money

Post by Jeff Stevens on 29th August 2013 in Energy saving

Cook dinner with your dishwasher and save money
Saving money on energy bills could be as easy as cooking dinner in the dishwasher, according to a new book by Italian chef Lisa Casali.
Cucinare in Lavastoviglie, which translates as Cooking in the Dishwasher, is full of recipes for everything from fish to apple pie. Although the book has not yet been published in English, Casali has posted a number of videos online with subtitles.
“[It is] a kind of operating manual to learn everything you have to know in order to cook in the dishwasher in a safe way and [save] energy,” she says.
“The results are excellent because it is low temperature cooking, like in haute cuisine.”
Cooking with a dishwasher is not a completely new concept – salmon wrapped in tinfoil has been around for some time – but most recipes in the past have required the machine to be empty of pots and pans.
Casali says her recipes work when the dishwasher is loaded with dirty crockery, making the process a lot cheaper. The secret, she says, is to mimic the sous vide technique of top chefs and enclose the food in hermetically sealed jars or vacuum plastic bags. The food is then kept clean and cooked for a long time at a far lower temperature than normal.

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