Homeowners warned over 'vampire' appliances

Post by George Dixon on 14th August 2013 in Energy saving

Homeowners warned over 'vampire' appliances

Energy-conscious householders have been warned to ensure that 'vampire' appliances are not sucking up electricity needlessly and pushing up their energy bills.

According to a report by Greener Ideal, some appliances are capable of drawing up small amounts of electricity even when they are switched off, resulting in unnecessary expenditure for homes and businesses.

While individually, these devices do not cost much to power, collectively over the space of a year they could add hundreds of pounds to the price of an electricity bill for some businesses. Some of the worst offenders include televisions, laptops, printers and mobile phone chargers.

Across the UK these devices are adding between 9 and 16 per cent to yearly electricity bills, money that is effectively just being wasted.

Identifying a vampire appliance can be as simple as checking whether it is warm, and therefore drawing power, even after it has been switched off. And according to the report by Greener Ideal, business owners and homeowners can take simple steps to make sure that their energy bills are kept to a minimum.

It said: "Unlike most things in business, dealing with this problem is actually relatively straight forward. If you know or suspect that a device is continuing to use energy even when switched off simply unplug it from the wall."

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