Reduce the temperature in your fridge to save food and money

Post by George Dixon on 30th July 2013 in Refrigeration

Reduce the temperature in your fridge to save food and money
Turning the temperature of the fridge down from seven to four degrees could save UK families £200 million a year in wasted food.
In a recent study, government waste Quango WRAP found fridge temperature has an impact on shelf life – and a three degree reduction could save 700,000 tons of food annually. Most food would also have its shelf life extended by three days.
A report showed the extra cost in electricity was more than offset by the saving the public could make on food waste. There was also an overall reduction of 210,000 tons of CO2 emissions thanks to the need for consumers to replace less food.
Report authors Tim Brown and Professor Judith Evans, from London South Bank University, said: “Even at the more energy intensive four degrees, the extra energy required to refrigerate such foods was only estimated to have an annual UK cost of £10million and associated emissions of 47,000 tons CO2. Both financially and environmentally the savings far outweigh the energy penalty.”
About 4.4million tons of household food is binned a year. Some 800,000 tons of that is discarded because consumers fear they have not used it in time. WRAP is also urging manufacturers and retailers to stop putting ‘freeze on date of purchase’ stickers on food because consumers often wrongly assume it would not be safe to freeze later.

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