Keep your milk fresh for longer

Post by Tom Williams on 24th July 2013 in Refrigeration

Keep your milk fresh for longer
During the hot weather, people throughout the UK are being warned that milk can go off quicker – even if it is kept in the fridge.
But Simon Bates of Dairy UK, the trade body for all milk processors, stressed it is rarely anything to do with the milk. He said a number of factors, including the very hot weather, are adding up.
“It’s all about the fridges and not the milk… As long as the milk is being kept at the proper temperature throughout the chill chain there’s no impact on keeping milk.”
He added: “The difficulty is not at the industrial chiller stage but at shops and home. You begin getting problems when people stand in front of fridges and decide what to get out.”
Dairy UK has outlined some tips to make sure your milk is kept as fresh as possible during the heat wave:
Make sure the fridge is at the right temperature – somewhere between 0 and 5C.
Place a thermometer inside – keeping an eye on it will give some indication of how reliable a fridge or freezer is.
The time a fridge door is left open should also be minimised, especially during spells of extremely hot weather.
A full fridge is much more efficient than an empty one, ensuring food stays fresh for longer.

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