Keep fit while washing your laundry

Post by Kevin Jackson on 22nd July 2013 in Laundry

Keep fit while washing your laundry
An Indian student has invented a washing machine that could keep you fit at the same time as cleaning your clothes.
Ayaz Ahmed, of St Paul's High School, Ranchi, presented his invention – which works through pedalling a bicycle rather than electricity – at a science exhibition on Saturday (July 20). It is aimed at those who cannot afford a washing machine, or struggle with the cost of electricity.
“Washing machines available in the market do not come for anything less than 8,000 rupees. Not all can afford to have those machines. All it took me to design this washing machine was 2,200 rupees. Not only is it affordable but also saves on electricity,” he explained.
Ayaz fitted a small cylindrical sieve inside another cylinder, which he then attached to a cycle. The machine works by filling the inner wheel with dirty clothes and soap, and filling the outer cylinder with water.
“The cylinder has small inbuilt flaps, which move when the cycle is pedalled, thus cleaning the clothes. The machine gives results that are as good as any other washing machine after 15 minutes of cycling.”
Once the water is drained out, Ayaz says clothes will dry around 60 per cent through cycling. The container can also be made bigger for storing more clothes.
According to the Times of India, the exhibition saw a large number of models inspired by the Uttarakhand flooding and the search for alternative sources of energy.

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