Fridge technique to blame for sour milk

Post by Jeff Stevens on 19th July 2013 in Refrigeration

Fridge technique to blame for sour milk

People need to adjust their habits when it comes to opening and closing fridges if they want to ensure products like milk don't go off too quickly.

People across the UK are finding that their cartons of milk are going sour before the best before date and, according to one industry expert, it's not the white stuff that's to blame.

"It's all about the fridges and not the milk," said Simon Bates of Dairy UK. "As long as the milk is being kept at the proper temperature throughout the chill chain there's no impact on keeping milk.

"The difficulty is not at the industrial chiller stage but at shops and home. You begin getting problems when people stand in front of fridges and decide what to get out."

In order to keep milk fresh as long as possible, consumers first of all need to ensure that their domestic appliance is operating at the correct temperature. It's then a case of not opening the door for prolonged periods while deciding what to take out as this not only raises the temperature of the appliance quickly, but will lead to higher energy bills.

According to a report by This is Somerset, a fuller fridge is a more efficient one. Householders are advised to put a thermometer in their appliance if it doesn't already have one.

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