Chef says preserve didn't blow-up fridge

Post by Kevin Jackson on 15th July 2013 in Refrigeration

Chef says preserve didn't blow-up fridge

A retired chef has knocked back suggestions that his homemade relish was the cause of an explosion that blew the door of his friend's fridge.

Beetroot relish made by Chris Hackett hit the headlines earlier this month after the Henley Standard reported that the conserve had exploded inside a fridge, causing extensive damage to the appliance as well as damage to the property.

Mr Hackett had given the relish to one of his friends, Margaret Goodwin, who went to store it in her fridge. Luckily, Ms Goodwin was not in the kitchen when the appliance exploded as it blew her fridge's door clean off and left smashed glass everywhere.

The blame was put on a build-up of gases in the relish after firefighters failed to find an immediate cause for the blast. However, Mr Hacket maintains that while his preserve might have a kick to it, it is not capable of blowing-up a domestic appliance.

He told the newspaper: "There's no way that the 'chutney' blew up the fridge. I don't mind though because it has given everyone a laugh.

"I would want to know what make of fridge it is because it must be faulty."

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