Gas leak believed to be behind Barrow explosion

Post by George Dixon on 26th June 2013 in Appliance safety

Gas leak believed to be behind Barrow explosion

Specialist investigators have suggested a gas leak could have been to blame for an explosion at a house in Barrow-in-Furness this morning.

Residents living in the vicinity of Ainslie Street were shocked to hear a loud bang shortly before 8am. Some said they thought a bomb had exploded outside.

A 90-year old woman was in the property at the time, but escaped with only minor injuries.

Inspector Dave Stalker from Cumbria Constabulary told the Evening Mail: "We're in the very early stages and there was one occupant believed to have been in the premises.

"Obviously it's an explosion that's affected the integrity of the rear of the house. We are waiting for confirmation that it's as a result of gas."

A section of the town has remained closed off as the emergency services make the area secure and try to discover what was behind the blast. At the moment, attention is focused on a domestic appliance that had recently been installed at the property.

Bob Nixon of Cumbria Fire and Rescue Service said: "We cannot confirm that the appliance was the cause at this time however, we are reminding people to ensure that all gas appliances are installed and checked regularly by registered installers and to make themselves aware of the procedures if they do believe there is a gas leak."

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