Call for greater emphasis on gas safety in social housing sector

Post by Kevin Jackson on 21st June 2013 in Appliance safety

Call for greater emphasis on gas safety in social housing sector

More work needs to be done to raise gas safety standards within the social housing sector, a meeting of industry heads has heard.

The All-Party Parliamentary Carbon Monoxide Group seminar, held in London earlier this month, was told that progress needed to be made as there were still too many cases of carbon monoxide poisoning in the UK.   

Claire Heyes, CEO of CORGI Technical Services, addressed the event on behalf the Association of Gas Safety Managers.

She told leaders of housing associations from across the country that safety mustn't be compromised in order to cut costs.

"As the principle duty holders, you cannot delegate your responsibilities to gas safety," she said. "You have to demonstrate that all reasonable steps have been taken in carrying out your responsibilities as senior management.

"There is much scope for rethinking the way we do things, refocusing resources where most value can be added, ensuring there is adequate education, training and on-going CPD. Creativity, collaboration and new skills will be key to developing long term benefits and moving the industry forward. This in turn will lead to cost savings and increased safety."

According to Ms Heyes, 4,000 people a year are treated by health professionals for exposure to carbon monoxide. On average there are 50 preventable deaths related to the gas each year. 

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