Sony bug threatens to leave Aussie football fans in the dark

Post by Tom Williams on 18th June 2013 in Technology

Sony bug threatens to leave Aussie football fans in the dark

A technical glitch has resulted in a number of Sony TVs in Australia turning themselves off without warning.

According to a report by Adelaide Now, some owners of Sony Bravia models including the firm's KDL-EX650, KDL-HX750 and KDL-HX850 televisions have found their sets freezing and shutting down on their own.

The issue has been of particular concern to some football fans keen to catch Australia's FIFA World Cup qualifier match against Iraq tonight. Owners have flocked to the technology firm's social media channels, including the Sony Australia Facebook page and the company's Twitter account, to voice their anger.

A statement released by Sony said: "We are currently working with the TV broadcasters to resolve this problem and apologise for any frustration it has caused. Rest assured we're treating this with the highest priority."

An announcement posted on the Sony Australia website said engineers had discovered "a corrupt EPG (electronic programme guide) data issue" that was affecting Bravia TVs. Owners were advised to "simply turn off their TV at the power point, wait one minute and turn it back on again and this issue will be resolved".

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