Microwave owners can't have their cake and heat it

Post by George Dixon on 28th May 2013 in Appliance safety

Microwave owners can't have their cake and heat it

A warning has gone out to homeowners urging them not to leave food cooking in the microwave unattended.

It follows a spate of blazes caused by Eccles cakes. Figures from Lancashire Fire and Rescue Service point to at least three fires having broken out in the past three weeks after Eccles cakes were put to warm in microwaves for too long and the sugar on top caught fire.

The cakes consist of a pastry case filled with currants. Experts advise avoiding heating them in a microwave in any case as they will go soggy.

A fire service spokesperson said: "Whether a grill, a hob, a conventional oven or a microwave are used to heat food, it's essential not to leave it unattended.

"Manufacturers' instructions for cooking or warming-up food should be followed and although for many foods the option of conventional or microwave oven cooking heating is often offered, where a microwave is not specified as an option it's best not to use one."

Over the past two years the fire brigade has been called to deal with a total of 15 incidents caused by food being overcooked in microwave ovens.

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