UK team launch pizza oven to rival wood-fired options

Post by George Dixon on 25th April 2013 in Technology

UK team launch pizza oven to rival wood-fired options

A new type of oven capable of cooking a pizza at 500C in just four minutes has been launched in the UK.

Daniel Chadwick and his design partner Guy Adams have come up with the Chadwick Oven - a stainless steel product designed and made in Britain. While most conventional home ovens will not get hotter than 250C, the pair's invention will reach a temperature of about 500C in 12 minutes sitting on top of a gas hob.

The new invention has won praise from a number of chefs and industry professionals, and according to a report by the Stroud News and Journal, has just won a D&AD professional design award in the 2013 consumer product design category.

Mr Chadwick told the newspaper: "To cook a pizza or a flat bread, you need a very high temperature, around 500C, and a porous surface, like a wood fired oven and most ovens only reach 250C, so a new invention was required."

The first 300 ovens to roll off the production line are part of a limited edition set. And despite a hefty price tag of £360, according to the firm's website demand has already been high from consumers.

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