Tony 'The Fridge' to tackle 100-mile run

Post by Tom Williams on 19th April 2013 in Refrigeration

Tony 'The Fridge' to tackle 100-mile run

A charity runner who completed 30 half-marathons on consecutive days with a fridge strapped to his back, is about to take on his next challenge.

Tony 'The Fridge' Phoenix-Morrison is set to tackle a 100-mile run around Newcastle's Quayside, starting tomorrow. The 48-year-old will take on the 24-hour challenge with a 42kg Smeg fridge on his back.

Tony caught the public's imagination in 2011, when he completed the Great North Run with a fridge. Then in 2012 he ran the Great North Run route every day for 30 days, again with a heavy fridge.

Tomorrow he will attempt to complete 100, one-mile laps of the quayside within a 24-hour period.

Tony said: "The 30 half-marathons felt like a long relentless slog. Every day getting up and out again was really hard, but this is a whole different sort of pressure.

"The most frightening part of this challenge is the thought of friction burns, which after just one run can leave you in pain for weeks. I am not afraid to admit that this challenge has me scared, but I believe passionately in the charity I am supporting so I will just have to cope with it."

More than 600 people have made a donation so far, with more than £28,600 in the pot.

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