General Electric turns household appliance on its head

Post by Kevin Jackson on 18th April 2013 in Refrigeration

General Electric turns household appliance on its head

Householders will soon be able to get a nice cup of tea from their fridge.

Canned or bottled ice tea has been a popular soft drink for years, but now American appliance firm GE wants consumers to be able to get a regular cuppa from their fridge too.  

The company has just announced the launch of its Cafe Series French-Door Refrigerator, which is capable of producing hot, filtered water at one of four pre-programmed temperatures between 32.2C and 85C.

The 29-cubic-foot appliance has been designed to provide warm water, as well as water that's hot enough for hot cocoa, tea and soup.

Rob Lewis, lead design engineer for GE Appliances, said: "Using the microwave or stove won't give consumers a precise temperature. It's a total guessing game.

"With the GE Café's hot water dispenser, there's confidence in getting an accurate temperature every time.

Users can also choose to have their water dispensed at a custom temperature. 

"The custom setting is especially interesting for tea aficionados who can make the most of their tea experiences," said Lewis. "Simply adjust the temperature to enhance the natural flavour of tea."

The fridge retails at just over £2,000.

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