Hoover hits 56 but still going strong

Post by Jeff Stevens on 11th April 2013 in Technology

Hoover hits 56 but still going strong

A vacuum cleaner which has been helping a homeowner in Barnsley to keep her carpets clean since 1957 is still sucking up the dirt.

According to a report by the Daily Mail, Gwen Trickett bought her Hoover Junior five decades ago and while the domestic appliance is scratched and perhaps in need of a new paint job, it is still in use every week.

The 77-year-old great-grandmother, who spent around £420 in today's money on the Hoover, still recalls making the decision.

She said: "Back then, if you got married before the start of the tax year, you'd get a rebate from the taxman. I can't remember how much money we got, but it felt like a lot. We decided we'd spend the money on a vacuum cleaner."

The only repairs that have ever been required include a replacement flex cord, a new cloth dustbag and a few new belts.

Unfortunately, not even appliance repairs could save all of Mrs Trickett's domestic appliance purchases over the years. She told the newspaper she'd been through five ovens, four washing machines and toasters and perhaps as many as 20 kettles.

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