Does Google want control of your fridge?

Post by Tom Williams on 28th March 2013 in Technology

Does Google want control of your fridge?

Internet giant Google could well be making moves to take over control your kitchen fridge.

The California-based firm is reported to have applied for patents that relate to new uses for its super spectacles – Google Glass. The technology places an interface in the wearer's line of sight and demonstrations so far have shown how it will be used to take pictures, record video and share information.

According to technology news website Engadget, the patent details seem to suggest Google is also thinking about how homeowners could use Glass to interact with domestic appliances at home, such as the family fridge. Sensors built into the device, including its camera and Bluetooth radio, will search for devices to interact with.

Google has this week invited 8,000 people to take part in its Glass trial programme.

The company said in a recent statement: "Our Glass Explorer program will give all of us the chance to be active participants in shaping the future of this technology, including its features and social norms."

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