Stand-off over washing-up turns nasty

Post by Tom Williams on 27th March 2013 in General industry

Stand-off over washing-up turns nasty

A family dispute over whose turn it was to clean the dishes after dinner got out of hand in Salem, Massachusetts earlier this week.

According to a report by The Salem News, two brothers began fighting after disagreeing about whose turn it was to wash the pots.

The incident is said to have begun when Joseph Perreault of Planters Street, Salem refused to empty the family dishwasher. Lt. Scott Englehardt said instead of doing the chore the 23–year-old grabbed a basket of silverware from inside the domestic appliance and threw it at his brother. A fight ensued and police were forced to intervene.

Arguments over the washing up are far from uncommon in most households. Research conducted in 2010 suggested that the average couple spends 40 minutes each day arguing over household chores, with 13 per cent having at least one bust up per day.

Almost a quarter of people surveyed said that irritations over washing up triggered arguments in their household. More than a third of couples said they argued about clothes being left strewn around the house and not placed in a washing machine or basket.

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