AGA pushes 'warm welcome' theme with new ad campaign

Post by Tom Williams on 26th March 2013 in General industry

AGA pushes 'warm welcome' theme with new ad campaign

Iconic range cooker manufacturer AGA has launched a new campaign designed to make the brand more appealing to modern homeowners.

AGA cookers have traditionally been seen as the preserve of affluent families with country homes, but in 2000 the firm started to actively court younger customers living in urban locations with its 'iron age woman' campaign.

Just over a decade on and AGA is looking to showcase how its new Total Control cooker meets the needs of the modern householder. According to a report by Midlands Business News, the firm has produced a series of films which focus on the fact the Total Control can be remotely turned on with the use of a smartphone app or text message.

AGA marketing manager Kathryn Lowe said: "This is a really stylish campaign which shows how an AGA is the perfect cooker for those with a busy lifestyle, particularly a younger, more urban audience, and those looking to keep energy usage to a minimum but may not have considered buying one.

"The flexibility and controllability of the AGA Total Control means that, no matter how busy you are, you can enjoy all the cooking and 'heart of the home' benefits that an AGA cooker offers."

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