Indian spider sets up home in Scottish fridge

Post by Jeff Stevens on 25th March 2013 in Refrigeration

Indian spider sets up home in Scottish fridge

A householder from Fife got the shock of her life when she opened her fridge to find an exotic spider staring back.

Beverley Cooper of Baird Street, Glenrothesm began screaming after she caught sight of the spider in her domestic appliance. On hearing the commotion her husband ran to help.

David Cooper said: "It was odd looking and I immediately knew it wasn't a normal house spider. I think being in the cold had slowed it down as it wasn't moving very quickly and was relatively easy to catch."

According to Scottish SPCA animal rescue officer Kieran Smart, who was called to help deal with the creature, it's most likely the spider came over from India inside the box of grapes, and then hitched a ride to the Coopers' home in a shopping bag.

The spider is not deadly, but still capable of delivering a fair nip.

Mr Smart said: "This spider could give a nasty bite but thankfully no-one was harmed. Mr Cooper was quick-thinking and did the right thing by containing it safely and calling us for help."

The creepy crawly is now being cared for at the Edinburgh Butterfly and Insect World, where it was identified as being from the wolf spider family.

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