Organise your appliance, says freezing expert

Post by Jeff Stevens on 25th March 2013 in Refrigeration

Organise your appliance, says freezing expert

Food writer Justine Pattison has called on householders to make the most of their freezer and not allow it to stand idle in the corner of the kitchen.

While many people own freezers packed with chips, Christmas essentials from five years ago and mysterious margarine tubs containing dubious solids, with some imagination and organisation, it's possible to get the best out of an often underutilised domestic appliance.

Speaking to the Independent, Justine said: "Lots of people don't understand just how many foods they can freeze and how to do it correctly. Almost everything can be frozen apart from salad."

According to a report by the newspaper, she has spent two years researching and writing her new cookbook, Freeze. During the process she made use of four freezers - one in her dining room, one in the kitchen and two in the garage.

Storing food in the correct containers is essential, Justine said. Doing away with large, film-covered trays and rewrapping items such as chicken and fish using foil can not only save space but also help to prevent as many ice crystals forming on the food.  

Research for her new book Freeze taught Justine that while things like stocks and soups will last for six months in the freezer, raw meat and fish can start to lose their flavour after just a month.

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