Scotland backs renewable energy

Post by George Dixon on 28th February 2013 in General industry

Scotland backs renewable energy

The Scottish government has reaffirmed its commitment to renewable energy by backing research into wave and tidal power projects. 

Scottish energy minister Fergus Ewing announced this week that Holyrood would provide £3m to Orkney's European Marine Energy Centre (EMEC). The money will be used to develop a sea testing berth, assessing the environmental impact of tidal turbines. 

A further £1.1m will be put towards a project aimed at assessing the capability of support vessels used around Orkney and the Pentland Firth by marine power developers. Holyrood says that investors need certainty if they are to back green power. 

"The offshore renewable industry is at a crossroads, and success in this industry will only be achieved if we attract investors, and that investment will only continue to come if there is market confidence," Mr Ewing said. 

The announcement came after Lord Deben, chairman of the Westminster government's Committee on Climate Change, called on the coalition to set a 2030 target for the decarbonisation of Britain's energy supply.

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