1.5 million watch washing machine do Harlem Shake

Post by Kevin Jackson on 25th February 2013 in Laundry

1.5 million watch washing machine do Harlem Shake

A washing machine was left in need of some serious appliance repairs after being filmed doing the Harlem shake dance.

The craze is currently sweeping the world and, according to some, is the follow-up fad to Psy's 2012 phenomenon Gangnam Style. The Korean singer's hit video went viral and became the first to have been viewed more than one billion times on YouTube.

The Harlem Shake dance is believed to date back to the 1980s but in recent weeks the craze has swept the internet, gathering fans across the world. Versions of the dance have been filmed with camels, with staff from a pizza restaurant and now with a washing machine.

The domestic appliance version shows a washing machine without a door spinning wildly in someone's back yard before a man throws a brick inside. The appliance starts to rock wildly before flipping over and breaking up into lots of pieces.

According to a report by Digital Spy, the video was posted on February 18 and within a matter of hours had racked up more than one and a half million views.

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