Government under pressure over decarbonisation

Post by Kevin Jackson on 30th January 2013 in Energy saving

Government under pressure over decarbonisation

The Westminster government has been urged to step up its efforts to decarbonise Britain's energy supply, after the Scottish government unveiled ambitious new targets. 

Labour has tabled a series of amendments to the coalition's flagship Energy Bill, including a decarbonisation target for the UK's electricity supply and investment in green technology. More than 100 businesses and other groups have joined forces to call for a decarbonisation target. 

"I believe these amendments set a clear benchmark for whether this Energy Bill will be taken seriously by businesses looking to invest in the UK, and whether or not the government will ever be taken seriously on its energy and environment pledges in the future," said Labour MP Alan Whitehead. 

Energy secretary Ed Davey insisted earlier this week that the government remained committed to low-carbon energy, and last week reached a deal with his Irish counterpart Pat Rabbitte which could see Irish wind farms supply energy to British consumers in the coming years. 

Scottish first minister Alex Salmond yesterday set out plans to largely decarbonise Scotland's energy sector by 2030 and step up investment in renewable energy projects.

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