Scotland 'to decarbonise by 2030'

Post by Tom Williams on 29th January 2013 in General industry

Scotland 'to decarbonise by 2030'

The Scottish government has reaffirmed its commitment to largely decarbonising its energy sector by 2030, unveiling plans for further investment in wind power.

First minister Alex Salmond also added his voice to calls for a UK-wide decarbonisation target for 2030. The Westminster government's flagship Energy Bill does not include a 2030 carbon emissions target, and the coalition currently plans to delay any decision until at least 2016. 

"Having stated our ambition for a largely-decarbonised electricity supply by 2030, the Scottish government is now setting a specific target to guide our overall policy approach and set the context for decisions on applications for electricity generation," Mr Salmond said. 

Energy secretary Ed Davey welcomed the announcement and insisted that the UK government remained "fully committed" to meeting its carbon emissions reduction targets. 

Last week, Mr Davey and his Irish counterpart Pat Rabbitte announced a new agreement which could eventually see Irish wind farms export power to Britain in the years ahead. 

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