First UHDTV broadcasts set for 2014 World Cup

Post by George Dixon on 28th January 2013 in Technology

First UHDTV broadcasts set for 2014 World Cup

The first ultra-high definition television (UHDTV) broadcasts are set to coincide with the start of the 2014 World Cup in Brazil.

Quoting a report by the Asahi newspaper, The Telegraph said the world's first broadcasts of UHDTV programmes would happen in Japan. The country's government has confirmed that its next-generation television project is two years ahead of schedule, and should launch during the FIFA World Cup, which will kick off in Sao Paulo in June next year.

A 4K UHDTV offers pictures with four times as many pixels as a current generation 1080p HDTV. So far, the only television on sale in the UK capable of handling UHDTV is LG's newly-released 4KTV, which come with a price tag of £22,500.

In Britain, Sky and the BBC have conducted tests using UHDTV content. However, according to a report by Trusted Reviews, broadcasters in Britain are not keen on investing on investing money in 4K technology due to the amount of cash that has already been ploughed into rolling out high definition content.

Figures published by broadcasting watchdog Ofcom showed that by the end of March 2012, 92 per cent of British households owned a digital television. However, only just over two-fifths were watching high definition programmes.

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