Install CO alarms, householders told

Post by George Dixon on 28th January 2013 in Appliance safety

Install CO alarms, householders told

Householders have been advised to ensure they have working carbon monoxide (CO) alarms at home, after an incident in which five people were forced to flee a cottage in Cornwall. 

According to the This is Cornwall news website, fire and ambulance crews attended a holiday cottage near Morvah last Thursday evening after the occupants were alerted to the presence of unusual levels of CO gas by a detector. 

Paramedics treated the five occupants at the scene, and the cause of the leak is thought to have been a faulty woodburner. Firefighters are advising homeowners to install working alarms and be aware of the typical symptoms of CO poisoning. 

"We go to an increasing number of carbon monoxide cases at this time of year," said Penzance station manager Mark Salter. "We would encourage residents to buy a carbon monoxide detector and to ensure that gas appliances and chimneys are regularly inspected and monitored." 

Last week, the Health and Safety Executive reminded landlords to make sure that they arranged for annual gas safety checks at their properties.

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