Government under pressure over carbon target

Post by Kevin Jackson on 28th December 2012 in General industry

Government under pressure over carbon target

The government has come under renewed pressure to set a target for decarbonising the British economy, amid concerns over Britain's commitment to cutting emissions. 

According to BusinessGreen, Labour is understood to be considering tabling its own amendment to the government's flagship energy bill, unveiled by energy secretary Ed Davey last month. The bill proposes to delay setting any carbon target until at least 2016. 

However, former environment minister and Conservative MP Tim Yeo proposed setting a new emissions target by the "more acceptable" date of 2014. He also tabled an amendment calling for the electricity sector to reduce CO2 emissions to less than 100 grams per kWh by 2030. 

"We're un-dogmatic about how we do it," a Labour spokesman explained. "We support the target. Ed Miliband and Caroline Flint have both been clear that they want it in the bill, and if it was down to us we would include it." 

The Department of Energy and Climate Change this week reaffirmed its commitment to meeting Britain's renewable energy targets by 2020.

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