DECC reaffirms UK renewables targets

Post by Tom Williams on 27th December 2012 in General industry

DECC reaffirms UK renewables targets

Britain remains on track to meet its renewable energy targets by the end of the current decade, according to the Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC). 

The latest Renewable Energy Roadmap report, issued by DECC this week, revealed that green energy sources accounted for 10 per cent of Britain's power supplies in the year to the end of June. This represented growth of 27 per cent from July 2011. 

"Renewable energy is increasingly powering the UK's grid, and the economy too," said energy secretary Ed Davey. "It's a fantastic achievement that more than 10 per cent of our power now comes from renewables, given the point from which we started." 

The UK is currently committed to sourcing 15 per cent of its energy - amounting to 30 per cent of electricity - from renewables by 2020. Mr Davey insisted that the government was "determined" to push forward with green energy projects, creating jobs in the process. 

However, the coalition's flagship energy bill - presented to parliament by Mr Davey in November - declined to set a carbon emissions target for 2030, delaying any decision until at least 2016.

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