Churches call for fuel poverty action

Post by George Dixon on 24th December 2012 in General industry

Churches call for fuel poverty action

Church leaders have urged the government to step up its efforts to tackle the growing problem of fuel poverty and decarbonise Britain's energy network. 

The Church of England, Methodists, Baptist Union of Great Britain, United Reformed Church and Quakers issued a joint briefing to MPs last week, calling for renewed action. The House of Commons was discussing the government's flagship Energy Bill. 

"With any new legislation our churches are concerned about the impact on the most vulnerable in society and on those with low incomes," the briefing stated. "It is important that demand reduction measures, and particularly those of most relevance to people on low incomes, are central." 

The churches suggested that the introduction of an energy efficiency incentives mechanism could help to reduce consumption whilst helping low-income households currently experiencing fuel poverty. 

Last week, the government's Fuel Poverty Advisory Group warned that there will be 300,000 more households in fuel poverty this Christmas than there were last year.

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