Washing machine destroyed by fire

Post by Jeff Stevens on 21st December 2012 in Laundry, Appliance safety

Washing machine destroyed by fire

A washing machine was completely destroyed by a fire at a house in Burnley, Lancashire last night.

The appliance was in an outhouse at a property on Melville Street, and the fire was discovered when it cut out the electricity supply to the house.

The Burnley Express reported this morning that a fire crew initially had problems locating the source of the blaze, and one of the team which tackled it told the newspaper: "The electricity had tripped out which alerted the woman that there was something wrong.

"We found the washing machine smouldering. It looks like an electrical fault caused the fire," he added.

The fire service reminded people that it was important to fit smoke alarms throughout a property so that they could alert occupants to a blaze.

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