Energy-efficient tumble dryer claims €20k prize

Post by Tom Williams on 28th November 2012 in Technology

Energy-efficient tumble dryer claims €20k prize

The inventors of an energy efficient tumble dryer hope their new appliance will be capable of putting the domestic appliances market into a spin.

Finbarr Maguire and David Ronan of start-up enterprise PurOrigin picked up University College Dublin'sNovaUCD 2012 small business award earlier this week along with a cheque for €20,000.

PurOrigin's first creation is PurDry, an energyefficient clothes dryer which does not require plumbing in or installing. Its inventors claim that it uses less energy than other tumble dryers in the market, is cheaper to run, cheaper to buy, lightweight and emits less CO2. The domestic appliance is even capable of being folded away when it is not being used.

A statement released by the university following PurOrigin's win said: "There is an increased global demand by consumers for white goods with innovative design, which are cost competitive, energy efficient and have reliable functionality.

"PurOrigin is focused on meeting this global demand by designing and developing energy efficient domestic appliances such as PurDry."

Maguire and Ronan are set to graduate from UCD School of Mechanical and Materials Engineering next month after completing Masters of Engineering degrees.

Professor Peter Clinch, UCD vice-president for innovation, said: "Innovation is the third pillar of UCD's core mission and two of the university's key innovation themes are putting knowledge to work and growing and supporting new business.

"Through the NovaUCD Campus Company Development Programme we are supporting our researchers in a process to put their knowledge to work by establishing new high-tech and knowledge-intensive ventures."

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