Washing machine case sure to spin heads at the airport

Post by Kevin Jackson on 27th November 2012 in Laundry

Washing machine case sure to spin heads at the airport

A suitcase designed to look like a domestic washing machine appears to be going down a storm with travellers.

The unusual suitcase has been styled to look exactly like a washing machine from the front, complete with dials, knobs and a see-through bowl showing clothes in the middle of a cycle. In reality, it's actually capable of holding all of your travel essentials.

Packing straps and interior pockets ensure that the suitcase's contents stay safe and secure, while an impact-resistant outer shell helps to protect the unusual gadget from knocks and bumps when it's being loaded onto an aircraft.

The product's manufacturer SUITSUIT asks: "Are you the extrovert type of person that likes to make people laugh whenever you can? Then the SUITSUITCASE Washing Machine is your choice!"

And it seems that there are plenty of holiday makers out there with a sense of humour and a love of domestic appliances. The 40 litre and 112 litre versions of the suitcase are both out of stock due to significant demand.

The brand, which is based in the Netherlands, got a major boost earlier this year when the Dutch Paralympic team choose to use its suitcases during their trip to London to compete in this summer's 2012 Paralympic Games.

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