Homeowners warned following two fat fires

Post by George Dixon on 30th October 2012 in Appliance safety

Homeowners warned following two fat fires

Fire crews in South Yorkshire have had to deal with two kitchen blazes, both caused by a build-up of oven fat, in matter of weeks.

On Sunday, members of South Yorkshire Fire and Rescue were called to a house in Balby, Doncaster after a cooker caught fire. According to a report by the Star newspaper, the blaze started because of a build-up of grease and fat inside the appliance. Investigators believe the blaze started at about 4pm when the cooker was switched on.

Luckily, the property was fitted with a smoke alarm which warned the occupants, and the fire was out when emergency crews arrived.

Fat and grease were also believed to be behind a kitchen fire that occurred in Cudworth, Barnsley, on September 26. Once again, working smoke alarms alerted the people inside and a woman and a six-year-old boy escaped from the property unharmed.

The pair were given oxygen by firefighters, while the rest of the rescue team entered the property to deal with the blaze and ventilate the kitchen to clear it of smoke.

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