Price hikes ‘will plunge thousands into fuel poverty’

Post by George Dixon on 29th October 2012 in General industry

Price hikes ‘will plunge thousands into fuel poverty’

The latest round of gas and electricity price hikes are set to condemn hundreds of thousands of people to fuel poverty, it has been claimed. 

According to price comparison website, another 314,000 UK households will fall into fuel poverty this winter, being forced to spend more than 10 per cent of their income on energy. Each of Britain six largest energy firms have confirmed plans to increase prices this autumn. 

“Because energy is such a basic need, you cannot have a winter price hike without casualties. The most visible are the seven million households who will now be living in fuel poverty, but there will be hidden victims too,” said Ann Robinson,’s director of consumer policy. 

Ms Robinson added that including this autumn’s price increases, the average household energy bill has soared by 156 per cent over the past eight years. She also warned that many householders may be forced to put their health at risk as they struggle to cover the cost of utilities. 

Regulator Ofgem this month announced plans to compel energy firms to be more transparent in their dealings with customers.  

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