Posh fridge is new must-have kitchen appliance

Post by Kevin Jackson on 18th October 2012 in Refrigeration

Posh fridge is new must-have kitchen appliance

Top of the range refrigeration units are now a must for families that want to keep up with the Joneses.

According to a report by news.com.au, an increasing number of consumers in Australia are prepared to shell out for expensive fridges which many see as a major status symbol. Models with double or triple doors, defrosting cabinets and a fast freeze feature are among the most popular.

It's estimated that the white goods market Down Under is worth around AU$6.65bn, up from $5.47bn in 2002/03.

Tastes in appliances appear to be changing in parallel with attitudes towards home design and kitchen layouts.

"We've generally found larger fridges are more popular with customers who are building a new kitchen because they have flexibility and can create space for large units," said Peter Harris, general manager of white goods retailer Appliances Online.

Consumers are also said to be changing their appliances more regularly, whereas in the past a fridge would have tended to remain in situ for 20 years or more.

Italian appliance manufacturer Meneghini recently unveiled a three-door fridge/freezer combo worth around £25,000, depending on the extras selected.

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