Kitchen is most dangerous place for an iPhone

Post by Kevin Jackson on 18th October 2012 in Appliance safety

Kitchen is most dangerous place for an iPhone

Owners of Apple iPhones should stay well away from the kitchen if they want to keep their precious smartphones safe.

That's according to a new survey carried out by warranty firm SquareTrade, which found that iPhones are most at risk of being damaged when they're in close proximity to domestic appliances.

The firm discovered through its Device Danger Zone Survey 2012 that more than half of iPhone accidents happen in the home. More than a fifth of these take place in the kitchen.

Apple smartphone owners appear to be particularly clumsy when it comes to doing the weekly wash, with 5 per cent of people admitting to putting their iPhone on a spin cycle. Nearly one in ten people admitted to having dropped their iPhone down the toilet, while 6 per cent said they had put it down on top of their car and then driven off.

But owners shouldn't assume their phone is safe just because they're not in the kitchen. The survey found that 17 per cent of iPhone accidents occur in the living room, while 16 per cent happen in the bathroom.

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